Beverly Hills High Back to School Night

Getting sentimental over Back to School Night

Tonight is Back to School Night at Beverly Hills High School. The ritual of sitting in your child’s classrooms, meeting his or her teachers and striving to leave a positive parental impression is as familiar as the clang of the school bell and the decades-old smell of teenage rebellion.

I went through the public school system in Beverly Hills and am a graduate of BHHS. So many of us have moved back to the 90210 some days it feels like I’m still in high school.  This is one of those days.

As soon as I pull into the parking lot I’m literally taking the same path I took in 1982 albeit with a much better car. I will climb stairwells and walk hallways waving at fellow BH Moms and Dads, many of whom attended Beverly at the same time as I did. I’ll marvel at how fabulous some of us look and wonder where the time went.

Time has stood still for a few. Jane Wortman, the best math teacher I ever had, is now the BHHS Math Department Chair. I couldn’t be happier for the kids who take her class. Jason Newman, who used to be my College Kid’s Golf Coach, began coaching during my senior year. With all his years of experience, he’s still as enthusiastic and humorous about athletics as the day he first punched a clock at Beverly.

On Back to School Night, with so many friends and acquaintances moving through the school, there’s little choice but to super-accelerate the conversations. How was your summer? Does your son like his classes? Did you hear about the new coach?

The Swim-Gym is a well-known landmark in Beverly Hills

Though I’ve never missed a Back to School Night, there have been years when I didn’t relish the thought of spending hours in my sons’ schools, especially after a long workday. Tonight won’t be like that. After tonight, I only have one more Back to School Night. Next year, the micro-conversations will have just one theme: Where is your daughter applying? Where does your son want to go?

Go. Go is a game-changer.  Making turkey pitas and checking online grades will be a thing of the past. The familiar family morning routine of bring-your-dishes-to-the-sink-have-a-good-day will probably be over for good, as will the welcome homes and the sweet dreams routines.

I hope somehow that all the loving/arguing/understanding that goes into our parent-son relationship will be like little bulbs planted in our family garden so that the love will keep popping up as regularly as Back to School Nights and all the other taken-for-granted events we attend. At least I’ve got a year to plan ahead for the emotional turmoil of the last Back to School Night.

Second Generation Norman

Hopefully, by then the excitement of college will overshadow the nostalgia of saying goodbye to a place as special as Beverly Hills High School.


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Cynthia Baseman

Cynthia Baseman is the author of 'Love, Mom: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Hope.' She writes about motherhood, the environment and education.

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  1. 16th October 2013 | Matt Steiner says: Reply
    So sweet. I relish the idea of my (eventual) kids at one of my alma maters. Thanks for taking me back... :)
    • 16th October 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      It's a E ticket ride...oh, but wait. You're probably much too young to know what that means.
  2. 20th September 2013 | mamacita says: Reply
    Back to school night. Racing from room to room meeting the teachers and listening to all their goals for the student year. How great was that.
  3. 19th September 2013 | Robin says: Reply
    So well said my friend...I'm right there behind you. Relishing every moment of every day...;)
  4. 18th September 2013 | Julie Sayres says: Reply
    Love this, CB.
  5. 18th September 2013 | Ellen says: Reply
    Don't make me cry. Once again, you write so beautifully of everyday experiences - making us realize how sweet and important everyday experiences are.

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