My Quest to Lower Blood Sugar


Pass the berries, homegrown and organic

Pass the berries, homegrown and organic

“Everything is good, good, good,” my doctor said when I picked up the phone. “Except for two things, which aren’t so good.”

A recent physical shows I’m low on iron and high on blood sugar. Say what? I don’t eat red meat so I understand the anemia, but blood sugar levels that are border line? Not to blow my own horn, people, but I love to work out daily, hiking with the dogs, riding horses and doing strength training at Lesley Goldberg’s At Your Side Private Exercise.


“It’s not a weight thing,” my doctor quickly added. “It’s about what you’re eating and how you need to watch the carbohydrates.”

Take with a Meal

Take with a Meal


Along with taking Iron+Vitamin C supplements, I’m studying Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load lists. Who knew all fruit is not created equal! Adios apricots, mangoes, bananas, pineapple and dried fruit. Yet berries, peaches, apples and pears are on the low glycemic index. If you’re like me, don’t go hog wild committing carbicide on potatoes, yams, corn and beets and opt for whole wheat or multi-grain pastas or breads.

Wine. Dark chocolate. Do I even need to go there? Seems a weekly glass or two of vino, along with a *bit* of peppermint chocolate, is something I need to cut down or eventually – gulp – eliminate.

What a pathetic crybaby! Giving up stuff is merely an inconvenience. Why bore my dear readers? In the U.S. 26 million diabetics and even more pre-diabetics need to face facts. Perhaps the fear of having a genetic predisposition to developing Type II Diabetes like my Dad and the specter of daily insulin shots is driving my search for understanding.

This week I’m working with Robin Berlin (@robinberlinrd on Twitter), a super-knowledgeable Registered Dietician. She sent me Six Foods That Will Lower Your Blood Sugar.  Yum – pico de gallo, mushroom-barley soup, oatmeal will aid in my quest to lower blood sugar.

Dare You Not to Laugh Out Loud While Reading, Ladies!

Dare You Not to Laugh Out Loud While Reading, Ladies!


I also started reading Kim Barnouin’s Skinny Bitch books. While cracking up, I’m also considering going vegan – even if it’s just for the weekend. I’m already so easily grossed out by how most food in the U.S. is manufactured, that I’m an easy sell for trying a plant-based diet. In Skinny Bitch Book of Vegan Swaps, Barnouin makes it look do-able. This is a tall order since only High School Kid shuns most meat while my husband, Mr. UnHollywood, and my College Kid are a meat-lovin’ pair. Should I sneak in some tofu, seitan and tempeh when they’re not looking? Yeah, 72 hours ago, I didn’t know what seitan and tempeh were either.

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Cynthia Baseman

Cynthia Baseman is the author of 'Love, Mom: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Hope.' She writes about motherhood, the environment and education.

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  1. 14th November 2013 | Carpool Goddess says: Reply
    By some miracle my blood sugar levels are fine - knock wood! - though I hardly recommend doing what I'm doing :)
    • 14th November 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Ah, you're one of those genetically gifted types, aren't you?
  2. 11th November 2013 | Susan kolko says: Reply
    Id love to cut meat out of my family diet. I've been trying to do it for years. The book 'The Kind Diet' was the closest I got to making the change. It just seemed like too much work. Let us know how you progress.
    • 11th November 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      I'm going to try to change things gradually and not got go psycho-vego on the family or I know they'll be a rebellion. So far, I've swapped out regular pasta for wheat pasta. I went down from red meat once a week to once a month to none at all. The natives are quiet, so that's a good sign. More to come...
  3. 11th November 2013 | Hayley says: Reply
    Not ready to give up my chocolate almonds just yet. Please send some easier suggestions my way...
    • 11th November 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      I'm working on it and will have something delicious that satisfies the sweet tooth...
  4. 11th November 2013 | Elaine says: Reply
    Cynthia: I'm intrigued and inspired…Keep us posted on what you find out…Not sure if I'm ready (or strong enough) to cut out all sugar from my diet, but the vegan thing is right up my alley.
    • 11th November 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Going to try a vegan place called 'Crossroads' and see how it is. Also heard that Matthew Kenny has a place in Santa Monica 'Make' that is raw food and delicious.

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