About Me

BH Mom began January 22, 2012 when I decided the time had come to quit talking my Quarter horse’s ears off and write down some of the thoughts rambling through my mind. My horse Huck  delighted in having some peace and quiet on the trail.

My idea stemmed from the fact that I am the bookworm, horse-crazy, dog-lovin’ mom of two boys, the bereaved mom of a stillborn baby girl, the wife of the most UnHollywood Executive in Tinsel Town and I am raising my family in my five square-mile hometown of Beverly Hills.

A Little More About Me

I earned my BA and MFA in Cinema-TV from the University of Southern California. It was a little like boot camp with a 16mm and being there helped me discover my dream: to write and direct my first feature film by the age of 28.

Instead, I graduated during the 1988 Writers Strike and went from earning $250 a week as a research assistant to earning $400 as a producer’s assistant. According to my boss, I would never become an Academy Award-winning director, “You’ll never be David Lean!” because I failed to write the correct zip code on a piece of mail. The greatest thing about this job was that I learned to brew a mean cup of French Roast met my husband, Mr. UnHollywood in the elevator after work. We had one of the great romance stories of the century (and still do).

After I had my first child in 1992, my second in 1995 and my third in 1996, being David Lean no longer seemed a priority. Instead, my time shifted to kid-related work like fundraising letters and speeches, PTA newsletters, Cub Scout Pack ceremonies, and later, letters to my beloved baby Samantha who died so unexpectedly. These letters helped me develop a memoir, Love, Mom: A Mother’s Journey from Loss to Hopeabout recovering from my loss.

My hope is that by blogging on books, authors and education, I can continue the conversation on making the world a better place – one page at a time.

If that doesn’t work out, I can always saddle up and hit the trail.