‘Glickman’ HBO Doc Makes Freedman Family Rock


Holly Claman Freedman with filmmaker/husband James Freedman and their boys

Holly Claman Freedman with filmmaker/husband James Freedman and their boys

Though Beverly Hills native Holly Claman Freedman still lives in the 90210 with her husband, overnight sensation filmmaker James Freedman, she’s not letting the Red Carpet transform her into a Hollywood Housewife. “I grew up around successful people. I love my husband so much and to see him finally lauded by others is great, but, honestly, I’ve always felt we were terrific.”

Freedman took the Road Less Traveled approach to his career at a time most husband/fathers in the film business take a more traditional route, seeking tv/feature development deals and steady paychecks. Four years ago, Jim told Holly about working as young man for sportscaster Marty Glickman and how he wanted to create a documentary about him. Holly remembers, “It was like two menches coming together. Jim has such a big heart and so did Marty.”

Made on a shoe-string, Holly had complete faith in the “Glickman” project and in her husband. James Freedman wrote, directed and produced the project on spec with no guarantee of where “Glickman” might land. After a screening at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, he had his answer: Martin Scorsese’s desk. Arguably one of the best directors of all time, Scorsese is known best for edgy films like Raging Bull and Goodfellas. Despite the fact that Scorsese is not a huge sports fan, he became captivated by ‘Glickman’ and he took the project on for HBO.

Freedman with Martin Scorcese in New York

Freedman with Martin Scorcese in New York

Though Marty Glickman’s name resonates the most with East Coast sports fans, his life reflected the challenges and triumphs of his generation. As a top college athlete, he was chosen to run in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, only to be pulled from the competition at the last minute because he was a Jew. Despite the setback, Glickman became a storied sportscaster who not only defined a new vernacular for announcing basketball games, but also helped shine a light on high school athletes and on women trying to break into the sportscaster all-male club.

Freedman Fielding Questions at NY Premiere

Freedman Fielding Questions at NY Premiere

Holly admits that she, and most of the West Coast women she knows, were not familiar with the name Marty Glickman. Some girlfriends and wives were “shlepped to the film festivals and ended up riveted…crying.”

Letters are pouring in and doors are opening yet Holly admits, “We don’t know if it’s hit us.” She believes that because she and Jim are old enough and grounded enough they “feel no seismic shift in anything.”

Their two boys feel otherwise. Seeing their dad with the likes of Marv Albert and Bob Costas on television and at screenings in LA and New York is thrilling. In February, HBO will release the James L. Freedman documentary ‘Glickman’ on DVD. It is also available on HBO-GO on demand under the Feature Film category. Take it from BH Mom. If you’re a sports nut, this is for you. And if you’re not, this is for you. ‘Glickman’ moved me to tears.

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  1. 14th October 2013 | Linda Lewis says: Reply
    Wow did not know about this and you and I were just with Holly and her husband last week at the BHAAA event!! ❌⭕ Linda
    • 14th October 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Freedmans are so low key, you'd never know how many accolades they've been receiving.
  2. 13th October 2013 | DW says: Reply
    I too am usually not too interested in Sports stories and really enjoyed this one. Has a broader appeal b/c of some of the other challenges he faced.

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