Happy Hour at the Avalon Hotel

Lured by the promise of Cheap Food, Cheap Drinks, I slipped on skinny jeans and strappy heels last Friday night and joined a few BH moms at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills for Happy Hour. From its humble 1949 beginnings as The Beverly-Carlton apartments, the Avalon Hotel went through an extreme makeover to become a retro-chic destination in 1999.

It’s only taken me thirteen years to see it for myself.

I confess: until last Friday, I was a Happy Hour Virgin.

All that changed with a cheerful invite from fellow BH moms Jean, Franny and Deborah who sat poolside, sipping frosty libations and beckoning me to their table. Last to arrive, I wound my way through women in flirty dresses and men in summer suits checking out the scene from brightly colored cabanas. When I reached my friends, who typically reside in the trenches of raising kids and making a buck, I sensed a more relaxed attitude. They fit right in nibbling on gourmet pizzas and sipping sophisticated spirits.

Jean’s Skinny Margarita looked good. I ordered one and asked our waiter for a calorie count. “336, ma’am,” he answered, straight-faced. My jaw dropped. How did he know that? “I’m kidding!” he smiled.

We BH moms like to joke around, but we’re also on the look-out to help each other. Whether we’re talking transportation – is it okay to let our kid ride a bike to school on a busy street? Or jobs – does anyone know a good internship opportunity? Or school – what teacher did your son have for AP Gov?

Sharing tips probably didn’t factor into the origins of “Happy Hour,” which began as a U.S. Navy practice of scheduling an hour to relax by boxing, wrestling or on-ship performances. During 1920’s Prohibition, Happy Hour meant an alcoholic pre-dinner drink at a speakeasy. Today, Happy Hour is most popular with twenty-something patrons.

When I was that age, I missed the whole phenomenon due to my quest to be my own boss. I would leave my producer assistant job, head straight to the gym and after working out, grab a burrito To-Go on my way home. I’d write until midnight and then drop to sleep, exhausted. What was I thinking?

This schedule I devised caused me to a) come down with mononucleosis (the kissing disease, without the benefit of the kissing!) and b) miss out on a perfectly good Cheap Food, Cheap Drinks ritual.

By the time I figured out how to be my own boss, I was married and had a baby (my new boss).

Now that the other BH moms have drawn me to the Dark Side, I’ll never be the same. Happy lasted longer than an hour and caused me to be late to my dinner date with Mr. UnHollywood. He immediately noticed the new gleam in my eyes, “Are you drunk?”

One Skinny Margarita does not a drunk BH Mom make! Anyway, what are you up to after work next Friday?


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Cynthia Baseman

Cynthia Baseman is the author of 'Love, Mom: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Hope.' She writes about motherhood, the environment and education.

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  1. 11th June 2012 | Susan kolko says: Reply
    Y'all know I'll be there!
  2. 11th June 2012 | Helen says: Reply
    Aww! That's where we got engaged!
  3. 11th June 2012 | jean says: Reply
    How fun that was and then to see your write about it made it even more delightful. I'm sure we'll find other unique experiences to share. Next on deck- Korean spa which is another girlfriend favorite
    • 11th June 2012 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Hmm. You'll have to fill me in. Having strangers slather me with seaweed or mud is not usually top of my list:)
  4. 11th June 2012 | Ellen says: Reply
    Good for all you BH Moms, Cheers! to more Happy Hours!
  5. 11th June 2012 | Franny says: Reply
    How fun was that! We all have way too many places to always get to and to and get done but sometimes we just need to go with it, relax, enjoy great girlfriend company, do some great people watching and have a much needed cocktail (although I am such a lightweight these days I can barely have one!)
    • 11th June 2012 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Yes, I'm with you -- and the lightweight thing is so true. Goodness, in the next decade just smelling rose' will make me tipsy!
  6. 10th June 2012 | Carpool Goddess says: Reply
    First off, I'm impressed that you wear skinny jeans. Nothing about my jeans scream skinny. I too went for drinks with the gals last week. My first time EVER since I've been married. What's happening to us, BH MOM?! Call me next time you go ;)
    • 10th June 2012 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Did I mention the skinny jeans are s-t-r-e-t-c-h fabric? I love technology! Consider yourself on the list for the next Happy Hour...
  7. 10th June 2012 | Hayley says: Reply
    Glad you made it there after all. Sounds like you had a great time and the hotel looks fun and trendy from your photos. Can we go for Happy Hour one night?
  8. 10th June 2012 | Jim Bennett says: Reply
    Hey Baseman, I remember those days and you are right, much fun. So much fun for me that I decided to make Happy Hour a 24/7 event. You are much better at dealing with it than I was::)). I am going to forward this to our friiends. Bennet
    • 10th June 2012 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      I prefer riding horses, hands down to drinking. Thanks for forwarding BHMom!

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