Molly's Perspective

Molly’s Perspective

Hurrah! January marks the one-year anniversary of BH Mom, which has been part Show and Tell, part Bring and Brag and often an excuse to procrastinate. Deep down it’s an earnest attempt to gain perspective. These days, with a mom’s breakneck pace, summoning a thoughtful approach to sticky matters eludes us.

What do you mean you don’t have enough credits to graduate? How did you forget to take P.E. last semester!? Why didn’t you answer the  phone when I called you for the umpteenth time? If you don’t like Brussel sprouts and burnt chicken, make your own dinner!

Being a mom is the toughest job in the world, no matter what zip code you call home. Thanks to Aaron Spelling, however, the 90210 zip code confers an elevated status, real or imagined, upon Beverly Hills. The other day while walking Molly through Coldwater Park, I ran into a group of women tourists from Texas. They asked if they could take my picture. “Oh, what’s it like to live here,” they sighed “in Beverly Hills?”

“Well,” I said. “It’s a pretty good place to walk your dog.” They laughed. With me. I think. Besides the delightful dog walking streets, some would argue that the transformation from bean fields to palatial estates lends us our tradition of opulence. Others point to our flashy shopping destination of Rodeo Drive as defining our elegance. For me, people are what make Beverly Hills tick.

We’re artists, doctors, slackers, businesspeople and thieves. We bring home Oscars and lose the farm in the stock market. When you see us gather at a 9/11 memorial or a performance by the BHHS Dance Company, we shine. We have lively debate at City Hall. We have heated exchanges at traffic lights. We hawk cookies at PTA bake sales and write checks to support our public library.  We have opinions and a unique perspective.

Wisdom in the tale

Wisdom in the tale

The 90210 is a bit like the children’s story The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton where a sturdy little house struggles to maintain its dignity as the surrounding city mushrooms  into a metropolis. Against the odds, the little house not only survives but also stubbornly retains its place. Beverly Hills is a tiny pocket that still distinguishes itself in the middle of Los Angeles. The people see to it that the beautiful trees stay healthy, the parks are restored, bike lanes are built and the old Post Office is reinvented into a cultural center.

I even hear a Dog Park is in the works.

Thanks, dear Readers, for being part of BH Mom’s growth! So far, so good.

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Cynthia Baseman

Cynthia Baseman is the author of 'Love, Mom: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Hope.' She writes about motherhood, the environment and education.

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  1. 5th February 2013 | Katie Hurley says: Reply
    Congrats on one year! Love BH :)
  2. 3rd February 2013 | Salt & Nectar says: Reply
    Congrats on your blogiversary!
  3. 31st January 2013 | Jordan Catapano (@GirlWalksIn2Bar) says: Reply
    1 year of blogging is something to be damn proud of. Great job and keep up the fantastic work!!! PS Love that book too. It's an allegory for life for sure.
  4. 31st January 2013 | Matt Steiner says: Reply
    I really like this post, Cynthia. You breathe some humanity into Beverly Hills and de-mystify the hype. The 90210 certainly has its share of show-y locals, but I don't think you'd be hard-pressed to find similar company in nearby zip codes in Los Angeles. Life can be wholesome and ordinary, even in the context of nicely manicured streets, luxury sedans, and massive estates.
  5. 30th January 2013 | Alexandra Anderson Bower says: Reply
    Love reading your stuff :)
  6. 28th January 2013 | Rochelle says: Reply
    Congratulations, Cynthia, I can't believe I have been reading them for a year and still anticipate each blogs arrival. Love them!
    • 30th January 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      It's readers like you that keep the stories coming. Thanks, Rochelle! See you round the 'hood.
  7. 27th January 2013 | Gavin says: Reply
    Don't stop writing this, Cyn!
  8. 27th January 2013 | fromdorothea says: Reply
    Life in 90210 sounds very like what I experienced when I spent a year in Lincoln, Nebraska, but with a better climate.
    • 27th January 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Never been to Nebraska, but now you've got me curious.
  9. 27th January 2013 | Susan says: Reply
    Cynthia, Your blog is wonderful and I love reading it. Makes me more aware of how special and yet difficult it is to be a Mom who is on top of her world and her families. Keep up the good writing.
  10. 26th January 2013 | Carpool Goddess (@CarpoolGoddess) says: Reply
    Congrats on your 1 year bloggiversary! Woohoo! Cute photo :)
  11. 26th January 2013 | Cathy says: Reply
    Mazel tov on your milestone. I really enjoy your writing style and look forward to your next year.
  12. 26th January 2013 | Gina Osher says: Reply
    Congratulations on your one year blogiversary! That's a big milestone. And what a funny picture you paint of the tourists photographing you in your "native environment"! LOL!
    • 27th January 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Thanks for reading, Gina. The tourists that venture out on foot are the best -- the Starline buses streaming by are getting to be a bit invasive.
  13. 26th January 2013 | Hayley Kaplan says: Reply
    Congrats on the one year anniversary. Have I really been enjoying your posts for that long? Thanks for reminding me of one of my challenging parenting moments. I won't forget that day 3 days before my son's graduation when we learned he was short of credits to graduate because he assumed he could stop attending PE when Pole Vaulting season ended. Special moment!
  14. 26th January 2013 | Elaine says: Reply
    After reading this post, I think the mayor of Beverly Hills should give you a key to the city. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!
  15. 26th January 2013 | Linda Lewis says: Reply
    Chuck Rosin, who was in my class, created BH 90210. Spelling's was a later incarnation. xo Linda
    • 26th January 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      @Linda thanks for the clarification. I count on you for these things!
  16. 26th January 2013 | Ellen Margolis Horwitz says: Reply
    Congratulations, I love reading BH mom Thank you!
  17. 26th January 2013 | Denise says: Reply
    Congrats Cyndi! Great job!!
  18. 26th January 2013 | Christina Simon says: Reply
    Not enough credits to graduate...funny and so scary! Congratulations!!!! Here's to the 90210!
  19. 26th January 2013 | debbie naiman says: Reply
    hometown happiness!
  20. 26th January 2013 | Michelle says: Reply
    You have a knack for summing things up so beautifully, Cynthia - thank you - I love reading BH Mom...

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