Random Thoughts on Independence Day


Pure American Bulldog

Pure American Bulldog

Independence Day is a symbol of American patriotism traditionally celebrated with barbeques and fireworks, but I’m skipping the fireworks this year since the noise scares the hair off my bulldog and the sick fascination of watching the annual hot dog eating contest gives us all enough thrills and chills. (Winner Joey Chestnut ate 69 hot dogs and buns.)

If it's July 4th, the menu calls for Chinese Chicken Salad

If it’s July 4th, the menu calls for Chinese Chicken Salad

I prepared my crowd-pleasing Chinese chicken salad and then proceeded to float on a raft in the pool with a serious case of numbers on the brain.


America’s birthday in July thanks to the guts of our freedom-loving forefathers.


Last week Curtis Tarr, appointed the director of the U.S. selective Services in 1970, died at this age.


The age Mr. UnHollywood turned when he became draft eligible for the Vietnam War.


Mr. UnHollywood’s draft number.


The last number the selective service reached the year of Mr. UnHollywood’s eligibility, which meant he would not be drafted.

Not Mr. UnHollywood's Draft Card, but close enough

Not Mr. UnHollywood’s Draft Card, but close enough

It’s weird to think how different our lives would be if his number had been 94 or 93.

Curtis Tarr’s lottery system refined the selection of draftees to make it statistically more random. I think meeting your soul mate can appear pretty random, too. After all, I met Mr. UnHollywood in an elevator. So while I celebrate our freedom and don’t take it for granted, I hope that other people around the world can seize their freedom using the tool of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence – a pen.

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  1. 6th July 2013 | Carpool Goddess says: Reply
    That salad looks good. Recipe, pretty please?
    • 6th July 2013 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      I'm going to post it. I got it from the Epicurean Cooking School way back when.
  2. 5th July 2013 | MAMACITA says: Reply
    It is a wonderful date to remember and honor the men and women who protect our lives and this wonderful country.
  3. 5th July 2013 | OpinionsToGo says: Reply
    Interesting AND informative...the very best kind of post, with just a hint of patriotism and romance.

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