What Dad Wants for Fathers Day

The countdown to Fathers Day has begun so if you don’t have a plan, get a move-on.

Unless you’re like my girlfriend who confided in me that her husband put in a polite request to be left alone to work out and read all day. She got a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card.

You’re also off the Fathers Day hook if you’re like another girlfriend of mine whose husband told her, “Fathers Day is a Hallmark holiday invented for the sole purpose of making a buck.” He’s got a point, I guess. So she, too, holds a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card.

For the rest of us, it’s time to wrap up the symbolic necktie and remind the kids to make cards.

Hallmark isn’t making much on us here. We’re big on corny, hand-made cards. Some people measure their kid’s progress through report cards and trophies. I measure my boys on the quality of their birthday/Mothers Day/Fathers Day cards. If their cards produce a snort or giggle, they have my gratitude. If they produce uncontrollable hysterics that result in food being expelled from someone’s mouth or nose, they get whatever they want, even a new puppy.

If they forget to write a card, they’re in the doghouse.

But not for long. On special occasions like Fathers Day, I make a trip to Edelweiss Candy on Canon for a box of handmade, dark chocolate caramels and nobody wants to get cavities alone.

                                     Let bygones be bygones. Share the Sugar.

Even if candy stores and Hallmark are making a few bucks off me, I’m okay with it because any excuse to do family stuff and eat chocolate is a gift.

“Remember. No gifts,” Mr. UnHollywood whispered to me last night as he leaned in for a goodnight kiss.

“Too late,” I smiled sweetly.

He sat up, annoyed. “I’m serious.”

“No gifts, no gifts,” I said, turning my back to him and clicking off the light. “I was just kidding.” Except I wasn’t.

Dad’s Day Brunch

Steaming Allegro Peruvian Coffee

Strawberry *Kodiak Wheat & Oat Pancakes

 Organic Maple Syrup

Fresh Banana-Strawberry-Mango smoothies

                                                 * Nova & Fresh bagels 

                                                 Organic Eggs to order

                                                              * I get by with a little help from my friends Nate ‘n Al

After brunch I plan on giving the World’s Best Dad one more small token of affection. My fellow Game of Thrones fans will understand: “There is only one True King.”


Author Description

Cynthia Baseman

Cynthia Baseman is the author of 'Love, Mom: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Hope.' She writes about motherhood, the environment and education.

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  1. 15th June 2012 | Carpool Goddess says: Reply
    You've got me curious about the "other" thing you're giving him after brunch. Is it something that can be mentioned on family internet? Do tell ;)
    • 15th June 2012 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Ha, ha. I like the way you think. Actually, I can let you in on my little secret. It's a King Beyond the Wall tee shirt:)
  2. 15th June 2012 | Ellie may says: Reply
    What -no toaster oven muffins?!
    • 15th June 2012 | Cynthia Baseman says: Reply
      Not this time...or any time in the near future since a)we've burnt out on them and b) I have a 'real' oven now:) Still, should I be glad I left a muffin impression?

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